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Choose your adventure

Breathe and Bend offers once in a lifetime experiences in beautiful places all over the world. Bring along friends, family, or travel solo. You will be sure to find connection as you embrace the culture around you. Our retreats focus on giving you a well rounded journey filled with adventure and fun as well as relaxation and rest. This is your retreat, do as much or as little as you wish your journey is customizable. With wellness in mind come reset and recharge with us.

Upcoming Retreats


"Wonderful people, itinerary was great: do stuff if you feel like it and don't if you don't. I love the ease of socialization with everyone, and Trenna and Katie do a great job making sure everyone is taken care of! The instructors that teach the classes are all amazing and we had a wonderful trip! It was a once in a lifetime adventure!!"


"What an amazing experience to get my 1st passport stamps w/this community in THIS place!! Thank you Trenna, Katie and the entire Breathe & Bend kula for making this a trip to always be remembered! It’s truly mind blowing how great you feel when completely immersed in a setting w/likeminded people!! My 1st yoga retreat, bucket list ✅ AND definitely not my last!!!"


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